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Porsche 911 (996) (2WD) Coilover Suspension Kit

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PB high spec coilover kits offer the perfect balance between road comfort and track performance, simply switch between the two by dialing in your preferred damping level from the 30 settings available.

The dampers are fully height adjustable and in most cases can be set at stock ride height, down to -50mm at the lowest level. Please inquire for height adjustment ranges for specific applications.

Custom spring rates are available on most of our kits, but if you aren't sure what to go for, leave it to us and we will provide our recommended street setup

The kit includes four performance suspension dampers, high rigidity steel springs, and a choice of rubber bushing or pillowball top mounts (where applicable). All coilover kits are supplied with a 1 year guarantee. Read the full specification.

Customise your kit now by selecting the options below.


PB high spec coilover kits are suitable for road and track use, and renowned for being one of the most comfortable coilover kits on the market. Our standard street setup is designed more for fast road use than full on race environments, so they are forgiving enough for an everyday driver. That doesn't mean they aren't suitable for race cars though! Go for a higher spring rate or just stiffen up the ride by turning up the damping force settings and you're ready for the track! Then when you're finished racing, turn the damping force back down again and enjoy a smooth ride home.

We invest resources into research and development to make sure we have the best quality, best performance mid-range suspension kits on the market. PB Coilovers are not 'one size fits all' with adaptors. Each kit is designed specifically for one vehicle only, and rigorously tested to guarantee long lasting durability.

We sell directly to the end user and ship straight from the factory to your door, abolishing traditional distribution networks and cutting out the middle man to pass the savings on to you. There truly is no better value for money sports coilover kit on the market!

Please note that the appearance of your kit may vary from the pictures on this listing.

PB Coilovers

Kit includes:

  • 4 x Suspension dampers (either one piece or 2 piece dampers depending on vehicle)
  • 4 x SAE-9254 cold-wound steel springs
  • 4 x Damping force adjustment knobs
  • 2 x High strength aluminium rear rubber joint mounts (where applicable)
  • 2 x High strength aluminium front rubber joint or pillowball mounts (where applicable)
  • 1 x Set of ride height adjustment tools
  • 1 x Usage guide with warranty card

Features of PB Coilover Kits:

The multi-layer shock design utilises Japanese made, high quality NOK oil seals. These ensure the gas and oil sections of the suspension remain isolated, while allowing smooth movement of internal parts. We use Italian IP damping oil which retains its advertised viscosity in extreme operating conditions and possesses excellent anti-foaming properties, preventing reductions in performance during extended periods or driving at the limit.
Springs are made from cold rolled SAE9265 high rigidity steel and are protected from corrosion with a strong surface coating. They have a long service life and resist collapse or distortion.
The high quality steel shock absorber piston and rod is given a hardening treatment to further reduce the possibility of deformation under extreme conditions or wear causing internal leaking. The PB coilover piston design offers increased damping force at low velocities, while maintaining a linear damper feel at high piston velocities, which gives a refined ride quality.


We're so confident of the quality and reliability of our coilover kits that we can offer a one year unlimited warranty. PB coilovers are fully serviceable, so if anything goes wrong within the warranty period, we will ship out replacement parts free of charge and cover all shipping costs.


The lead time for one-way adjustable coilovers is 2-3 working days, and for two-way adjustable coilovers 2-3 weeks. Airmail shipping to Asia takes around 2-3 days, Europe and North America takes 3-6 days, Africa and South America takes 5-10 days.

Please note that we ship directly from Taiwan, so you may be liable to import duty and sales tax upon receiving the goods in your country.

Damping force graph, showing force vs absolute velocity at speeds from 5-30 clicks.

Settings for 996(2WD)

Street Spring Rates

180mm, 6kg
180mm, 8kg

Damper Style

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