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PB Performance Parts Ltd. was founded in Taiwan in 2009. Since then, we have been steadily growing and have succeeded in maintaining a small but firm foothold in the market. We are committed to providing good quality, reliable products for the discerning customer that doesn't want to break the bank when they need not do so.

Our offices are located in Hong Kong, and our manufacturing facilities are based in Taiwan, which is renowned for being a center of engineering excellence and one of the worlds leading manufacturers of bicycles, machinery, electronics, and computer hardware. Taiwan has a highly skilled workforce with some of the worlds leading experts which have helped it gain recognition for its auto parts industry in recent years.

We have gained a small, but solid reputation over the years as a reliable brand that can provide great quality products for very reasonable prices if customers are willing to look a bit further away from home to source their performance parts. We strive to offer next level customer service and comprehensive after sales support. We aren't happy until the customer is happy.


Why choose PB over other brands?

Value for money - When people see the quality of our brake and coilover kits, and compare that with the pricing, many people think there must be a catch. How are we able to offer such competitive pricing for serious performance parts?...

The main reason is that we sell direct to the customer, rather than to a distributor, who then sells to a dealer, that may then sell to a smaller shop, and finally to the end user. By shipping our products straight from the factory in Taiwan, direct to the end user, we cut out all those middle men and pass the savings on to you.

Another large contributing factor is our location. Being situated in Taiwan helps us keep our overheads relatively low, i.e. rent, labour costs, utilities, business rates, and shipping. Again, all of these factors enable us to reduce the cost of our products for the end user.

Performance - We don't however, cut costs on materials, customer service, R&D, or manufacturing. Our manufacturing facilities utilise cutting edge CNC machining technology, operated by highly skilled engineers. We are continuously working to gain an edge with the performance and reliability of our products, and are constantly developing new kits to add to our extensive list of applications.

Customization - Although our brake kits are placed at the lower end of the market in terms of pricing, we understand our products are still a considerable investment. This is why we provide customers the opportunity to make it a bit more special by adding their own personal touch. We offer a wide range of anodized and painted colours, rotor pattern styles, and pad compounds. We can even leave the calipers blank, without any logos, if you want to put your own custom decals on them. Our coilover kits are also fully customisable with a wide variety of spring rates and top mounts available.

Guarantee - We are very confident of the build quality and reliability of our products and offer a comprehensive unlimited guarantee on all items. Should customers need to make a claim within the allotted period, we will send out replacement parts at no cost and cover all shipping fees.

Race proven! - We ensure the quality, performance, and reliability of our products by testing them in the most demanding race environments. By sponsoring vehicles in a wide variety of disciplines, such as gymkhana, rallycross, time attack, and tarmac rally, we push our parts to the limit on the track to guarantee safety on the road.

Take a lot at some of our recent achievements: https://pbbrakes.com/results/